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Best Workplace survey

Best Workplace Survey


Best Workplace Survey

Understanding the best workplace survey

Our workplace survey is designed to capture employee perceptions in terms of their immediate workplace, the services which enable their day to day activities and how they feel the workplace reflects and represents your brand. The insights can be used to drive major strategic change, to shape a design brief as well as to engage employees and enable meaningful workplace change.

Leveraging the best workplace survey for organisational benefit

Gaining an understanding of how your staff perceive their physical space and the supporting services gives you the ability to make changes to your workplace that can increase your employee engagement, improve productivity and equip you to make deliberate, informed decisions about what kind of space and how much space your organisation really needs.

Partnering with Betapoint

In partnering with Betapoint, through their Best Workplace Survey, our analysis will help you identify the changes needed to move the needle when it comes to a high performing workforce. Our deep understanding of the workplace enables us to align your strategy and purpose, brand, culture and workplace into a winning employee experience.

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“You’ll attract, keep and develop the most energized, motivated people, freely able to be their best, wanting to work in a place that reflects your dynamic, caring and responsible brand, proudly and openly sharing this enthusiasm, while you save up to a third of what you’re spending on property that doesn’t work for you to allow you to invest in an environment that does.” – Neil Usher