Capital investment programmes are intricate, existing within a broad business context and involving multiple interdependencies and interfaces, diverse stakeholders, competing priorities and challenging goals. Together with the goal of maximising outcomes, these demand an efficient and integrated management approach. Betapoint has the relevant experience and management expertise to guide clients through these processes effectively.


Project Management

The effective, meticulous management of real estate projects is directly related to the delivery of these projects to schedule, within budget and to the satisfaction of the project owners. 

Betapoint is capable of developing the appropriate delivery strategy for projects with consideration of business requirements, risks, constraints and stakeholder interests. Our robust controls are maintained throughout the life of the project and ensure challenges are proactively addressed to meet timeline, cost and quality objectives.


Tenant Representation

While some companies may have dedicated real estate teams, managing the landlord-tenant relationship objectively and to benefit the tenant can be complex and requires in-depth industry experience. Betapoint offers a comprehensive tenant representation service which focuses on simplifying rental property and lease management for clients. 

We provide financial analyses which ensure considered decision-making regarding office space selection and guide clients on current and expected market indicators. We build strong relationships with Landlords and partner with industry experts ensuring a smooth operation from selection, lease negotiations to occupation. 


Landlord Representation

Asset management optimisation is the cornerstone to leveraging best value from real estate portfolios. An integral part of asset management is the achievement of ideal tenant mixes and creating an environment with sustainable tenant demand. 

Betapoint’s experience in tenant management results in our landlord advisory being accurate and angled to effectively attract and retain tenants on long-term leases, minimising risk to property owners. 

Our approach is based on strategic asset analysis which includes obtaining updated, accurate data on the market, competition, demand, financial position and benchmarking related to real estate assets.