Our multi-disciplinary professional team includes property, facilities and project management capabilities focused on unlocking sustainable performance improvement and bottom-line business value from our clients’ property portfolios. We ensure real estate and facilities management strategies are aligned to corporate strategy, culture and brand objectives.


Property Advisory

Business requirements are continuously evolving, requiring innovative real estate strategies in order to enhance asset value. Betapoint partners with clients in order to develop and implement strategies that are not only commercially sound but deliver bottom line business value. 

We guide our clients through complex corporate decisions that optimise space utilisation, are relevant to their business operations, and are operationally cost effective and sustainable. By focusing on our clients specific needs, we develop bespoke, forward-looking strategies that capture value and mitigate risk. We are able to assist with: Market Analysis, Strategic Business Alignment, Portfolio Optimisation, Feasibility Studies, Financial Consulting and Transaction and Lease Management


Workspace Advisory

The workplace has a direct impact on occupants health, well-being and productivity. Betapoint work with clients to facilitate the alignment of your strategic business objectives with the physical workplace and occupant well-being in order to achieve optimal performance. 

In order for a business’ to perform optimally, its people need to do the same. We believe this is only achievable through an engaged workforce where their cognitive, emotional and physical wellbeing has been adequately addressed. We provide clients with innovative workplace solutions that meet and exceed these requirements, whilst also ensuring your space is a physical manifestation of your brand and culture.

Our workplace advisory services include: Occupancy Management, Spatial Demand Modelling, Time/Space Utilisation Studies, Workplace Effectiveness Analysis, Post Occupancy Evaluation Surveys, Design Management and Move Management


Property Management

Facilities management is moving from the traditional service delivery model to an experience based model, focused on providing the optimal environment for building residents and visitors. Furthermore, buildings are becoming increasingly more sophisticated through integrated building management and information systems with excellent property and facilities management skills essential to realise the optimal value from any real estate asset. 

We assist our clients with designing and implementing integrated strategic and operational property and facilities management strategies that enable them to operate world class facilities that can optimise cost whilst improving business performance. 

Our methodologies deliver property and facilities management solutions throughout the real estate asset life-cycle, including the critical post-occupancy stages when value can easily be eroded. Our facilities management advisory services include: Lifecycle Costing, Expense Management and Benchmarking, Sourcing Strategies, Sustainability and Performance Management



Betapoint has a team of professionals with broad art industry and project management experience, to offer a comprehensive selection of services. We analyse your needs to help you identify an optimal route forward, planned and prioritised according to your aspired art collection objectives and budget.

The Betapoint team collectively exhibits both international and local art expertise, ensuring global best practices are employed while understanding local market dynamics. The team includes strong project management skills, extensive practice working with top artists, curation and collection management, exhibition development, local and international art market advisory, and strategic communications expertise. 

Our art services include: Collection-building strategy and advisory services, Art advisory, including art market insight and tax benefits and Art engagement and implementation