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MultiChoice Survey


This survey is designed to capture your point of view on the MultiChoice office environment, services and amenities. that staff have available. The main purpose for conducting this survey is to inform a property strategy that is being developed for MultiChoice that will best support its business objectives into the future. 

Please note - any information provided will be treated in strictest confidence and no individuals will be reported on.



The objectives of the survey are as follows:

  1. To understand users’ perceptions of the workplace - understanding the environment, the needs, workstyles and settings used and required by occupants

  2. To understand the users perception of services provided

  3. To understand users’ perceptions of the culture as reflected by the current workplace 


Guidelines to completing this survey:

Every question in the survey needs to be completed, please note you will not be able to proceed to the next section unless all questions in the current section have been answered.

You should not go back to a previously completed section and amend your responses, as your first instincts are generally correct.

The answers are and will remain totally confidential and no person / personal information will be reported on.


There are 7 sections to be completed in this survey. Please see below instructions for completion of each section:

Biographical section instructions

Please provide relevant personal information in the corresponding sections by marking / selecting the appropriate choice from the drop down options or by entering free text where appropriate.

Indicate correct biographical information by marking/selecting the appropriate choice from the drop down menu or free text for each line.


Survey sections 1 – 5 instructions: (workplace activities, workplace features, workplace services, technology and equipment)

This section requires you to complete each question (according to how you feel) on 2 rating scales, namely how IMPORTANT the subject is to you and how SATISFIED you are with the provision of this setting, activity or service in your workplace. Please indicate the level of IMPORTANCE or SATISFACTION by using the scales provided.


Rating Scales


Very Important - "Can't live without" 
Important - "I want this"
Neutral - "Doesn't bother me"
Unimportant - "I'm fine without"
Very Unimportant - "Doesn't even occur to me"    


Very Satisfied – Very happy and wouldn't change a thing!
Satisfied - It's really good!
Neutral - It's neither good or bad, it's just ok.
Dissatisfied - There's a few changes I'd like to see happen.
Very Dissatisfied - We have a problem, need some changes ASAP!

Survey section 6 instructions: (workplace culture)

Questions in this section require you to select one of the three possible answers, namely YESNEUTRAL or NO according to how you feel about your workplace environment.


Survey section 7 instructions: (unstructured feedback)

In this section please use the free text box to let us know what improvements / changes you would like to see most, or any other feedback or comments you would like to provide regarding your workplace environment.