Unlocking potential. Building the future.


In business, how you work is as important as what you do. At Betapoint, we are driven by a few key principles that define everything that we do and the kind of business that we are. 

Relationships that work

In business, as in life, what you put in is what you get out. So, when it comes to relationships, we’re “all in”. Working together with clients and partners, we build relationships so clients can build their future. We work to ensure that a spirit of partnership is fostered between all stakeholders to a project. We carefully select the people that we work with and collaborate with a small number of external expert partners when required.

Entrepreneurial mindset

Hierarchies build barriers between clients and the people doing the work. Our entrepreneurial approach to business promotes collaboration, agility and ownership. We provide clients with thought leadership, while maintaining the ability to roll up our sleeves and drive pragmatic solutions for critical initiatives.

Local insight in a global context

The world is shrinking more and more every day. No business or industry is immune to global influence, which is why we are committed to our global partners and relationships. Betapoint operates across Africa, the Middle East and Europe out of offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town and London. We offer the agility, consistency and personal attention of a local partner while providing the reach and knowledge assets of an international organisation, enabling us to serve our clients wherever they are based.