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Our methodology is traditional in nature, exceptional in execution.

From a comprehensive end-to-end phased approach to stand-alone services tailored to suit specific client requirements, we’ve got you covered.

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Strategy Consulting

Our goal is to transform real estate from a cost centre into a strategic asset that can deliver both top- and bottom-line improvements. We focus on unlocking sustainable performance improvement and bottom-line business value from our clients’ property portfolios. In doing this, we ensure real estate and facilities management strategies improve the productivity of our clients’ real estate assets, workplace and people.

We guide our clients through complex corporate decisions that optimise space utilisation, are relevant to their business operations, and are operationally cost effective and sustainable. By focusing on our clients specific needs, we develop bespoke, forward-looking strategies that capture value and mitigate risk. We are able to assist with Market Analysis, Strategic Business Alignment, Portfolio Optimisation, Feasibility Studies and Financial Consulting.

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Tenant and Landlord Representation

Many companies have dedicated real estate teams, but managing the landlord-tenant relationship objectively and to the benefit of the tenant can be complex, requiring in-depth industry relationships and experience. We make the real estate process easier and represent your interests without compromise.

Betapoint’s comprehensive tenant representation service simplifies property for clients. We provide financial analyses which ensure considered decision-making regarding space selection and guide clients on current and expected market indicators. We build strong relationships with landlords and leverage our deep knowledge of the local real estate market to ensure a smooth operation from selection, lease negotiations to occupation.

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Facilities Management Solutions

We assist our clients with designing and implementing integrated strategic and operational property and facilities management strategies that enable them to operate world class facilities that optimise cost, improve business performance and maximise client experience.

We are able to assist throughout the real estate asset life-cycle, including the critical post-occupancy stages when value can easily be eroded. Our facilities management advisory services include Operating Model Design and Implementation, Lifecycle Costing, Expense Management and Benchmarking, Sourcing Strategies, Sustainability and Performance Management.

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Workplace Solutions

In order for a business’ to perform optimally, its people need to do the same. We believe this is only achievable through an engaged workforce where their cognitive, emotional and physical wellbeing has been adequately addressed. We provide clients with innovative workplace solutions that meet and exceed these requirements, whilst also ensuring your space is a physical manifestation of your brand and culture.

Our workplace advisory services include Occupancy Management, Spatial Demand Modelling, Time/Space Utilisation Studies, Workplace Effectiveness Analysis, Post Occupancy Evaluation Surveys, Design Management and Move Management.

Click here to find out how to leverage our Workplace Survey and Workplace Solutions for competitive advantage. 

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Technology Solutions

Technology is and will continue to be a disruptor in the built environment. From construction through to managing operations and maintenance activities and tracking employee wellness and productivity, Betapoint want to encourage the integration of best commercial practice with latest technologies across the whole life cycle of the built environment. This unique approach to asset and resources management, combines physical activities with new sources of digital intelligence.

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Project and Development Management Services

Capital investment programmes are intricate, existing within a broad business context and involving multiple interdependencies and interfaces, diverse stakeholders, competing priorities and challenging goals. Betapoint works to maximise outcomes through an efficient and integrated management approach. We have the relevant experience and management expertise to guide clients through these processes effectively.

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Relocation Management

Our relocation team are specialists at ensuring that your relocation is a seamless event that reduces stress and minimises otherwise costly business disruption. We will tailor-make a relocation solution that meets your exact requirements and will guide you through the process from move planning, to move preparation, to move execution, to post move surveys. Our comprehensive check lists ensure no stone is unturned and we will assist with appointing and training business representatives as move managers, document management and reduction strategies and move readiness activities.

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Change Management

We guide our clients to make strategic, tactical and operational decisions which will enable internal and external stakeholders to engage and take action in a positive manner. Our change management methodology is centred on strategies that drive understanding, urgency and adoption among leadership and the wider organisation with the aim of improving business performance. We facilitate effective conversations at all levels of organisations during the change process through managing and planning communication.

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Transaction and Lease Management

Our transaction team adopts a lifecycle approach to the leases and transactions they advise on. Often favourable lease terms are offset by higher operational or secondary costs which outweigh the benefits. We move strategically and quickly on transactions that enable your business strategy and improve the productivity of your portfolio. Our approach ensures that we are able to deliver maximum value to our clients by taking all elements into consideration.

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Energy and Sustainability Solutions

Once seen as a differentiator, a more sustainable portfolio is now a non-negotiable. With the cost of sustainability initiatives decreasing, our experts will apply their global experience to ensure the business case impacts the bottom line.

At Betapoint we know how to navigate through the complexities of green leases, incentives, employee behavior, retrofits and procurement for your competitive advantage. Our clients reduce their portfolio energy costs by up to 50%.

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Management Consulting

Our services focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, organisation, operations and risk. We bring deep, functional expertise, while providing a holistic perspective.
This enables us to capture value across boundaries and between the silos of any organisation.

By optimising the sum of the parts, not just the individual pieces, we have a proven multiplier effect. 


Art Solutions

Betapoint has a team of professionals with broad art industry and project management experience, to offer a comprehensive selection of services. We analyse your needs to help you identify an optimal route forward, planned and prioritised according to your aspired art collection objectives and budget.

The Betapoint team collectively exhibits both international and local art expertise, ensuring global best practices are employed while understanding local market dynamics. The team includes strong project management skills, extensive practice working with top artists, curation and collection management, exhibition development, local and international art market advisory, and strategic communications expertise. Our project management team bring deep expertise in art relocation and art installation.