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A diverse team with one focus – delivering exceptional results.

Comprised of a skilled team of strategists, engineers, project managers, quantity surveyors, chartered accountants, economists, change management and communication experts, property, facilities operations and real estate technology specialists, our multi-disciplinary team brings the full weight of their knowledge and experience to every project.

Adam Sargent

Adam graduated from Rhodes University (South Africa) where he obtained a Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree.

Prior to establishing Betapoint in 2003, Adam worked for Citibank in the UK before returning to South Africa in 1999 to enjoy a successful career at Arthur Andersen as a member of the Energy and Utilities practice.

Given his entrepreneurial drive and strategic vision, Adam founded Betapoint and has built a high caliber and multi-skilled team which is able to provide clients with thought leadership, while maintaining the ability to roll up their sleeves and drive pragmatic solutions for critical initiatives.

Simon Lunt
Michael Griffiths

With over two decades in the industry, Michael’s experience includes working in commercial, industrial, residential and retail property both locally and abroad. Coming from a financial background, he always seeks solutions that are supported by a strong business case, and never recommends a course of action that isn’t going to positively impact a client’s business. His strength is aligning Betapoint’s clients’ real estate strategy to their corporate strategy to deliver significant, measurable value in terms of financial, cultural and brand benefits.

Simon Lunt
Leroushka Coopen

Leroushka loves change and believes that growth comes from a conscious decision to continuously do things differently and push boundaries. As an expert in change management, she enjoys inspiring strategic change within organisations and taking it from concept to implementation to adoption.

She has 12 years’ experience in change management as well as Implementation of Organisational Design and Development and Project Management, among other things. With a B.A. Degree in Human Resource Management and a BComm. Honors in Industrial and Organisational Psychology, she is a people-centric person and believes that, when organisations adopt an agile approach to people, work, technology and environment, growth develops naturally from there.

Amori Gerber
Susan Snaddon

Sue has over 21 years in the industry and specialises in Project and Design Team Integration and Management on a variety of projects from building and urban design, to construction, to research. She has an MSt in Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment from the University of Cambridge, UKand a BSc (Building Science) from the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa.

With a background that is strongly interdisciplinary, she enjoys a wide range of experience and interests, which allow her to view projects from a holistic perspective. Empathetic and collaborative in nature, she is able to put herself in the user’s shoes and see things from their perspective in order to find truly integrated solutions.

Amori Gerber
Georgia Stylianou

Georgia has a Masters Degree in Industrial Psychology, WITS, Honours Degree in Industrial Psychology, RAU and a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Industrial Psychology and Business Management, UNISA. She is also a member of the Association of Change Management Practitioners.

In her 17 years of working in the areas of change management, HR performance improvement, individual, team and organisational development and assessments, she has developed a sound understanding of how to improve organisational behavior performance and employee productivity, and embed successful change initiatives.

What she finds most inspiring about her job is how the workplace is continually evolving, where the whole flow is about agile work, ergonomics and addressing challenges from a behavioural perspective.

Amori Gerber
Jane Jacob

Jane is our Marketing and Communications guru. With over 12 years’ experience as a Brand Strategist, she has turned her natural curiosity and love of people into a career asset. She considers herself an expert in people and loves finding out what makes them tick in order to connect them to brands. Her ability to work with different personality types, enables her to form partnerships that lead to insightful, relevant solutions. She believes that marketing and communication are powerful business tools that can lead to direct, tangible business results. Her role at Betapoint involves fine-tuning our brand and communications to ensure that clients and partners quickly understand what we stand for as a company.

Amori Gerber
Phil Bradley

Phil is a seasoned project management professional and strives to provide real impact and value for clients. Phil joined Betapoint for its flat, collaborative and entrepreneurial structure, as well as its strong and unique reputation, great culture, people and growth potential in the global market.

Phil has a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (Cum Laude) and an MBA.

Simon Lunt
Thoriso Rampedi

Thoriso is passionate about the impact that a workplace has on its employees. She is good with people which allows her to not only understand client requirements, but to understand this from an individual’s personal points of view. This has allowed her to blend her real estate studies with her natural affinity with people to deliver impactful solutions for our clients. Thoriso has a BSc Honours in Property Studies from the University of Pretoria.

Simon Lunt
Donovan Kingsburgh

Donovan been in the industry for over 7 years. He has a BSc Engineering (Civil) from the University of Witwatersrand and specializes in Project Management in the Built environment.

A firm believer in doing it right the first time, he spends a great deal of time researching, analysing and picking other people’s brains. This continual pursuit of knowledge, together with his work ethic, allows him to manage projects within their budget and timeframe. A task orientated individual, he has a talent for breaking larger pieces of work into smaller manageable components. He is also a pragmatist and believes in working in teams saying that, “when people work together, helping each other achieve their best, it is the easiest way to get things done.”

Amori Gerber
Kate McLaren

Kate is a workplace consultant with over 25 years experience, specialising in briefing and design concepts that support organisations undergoing change. She believes that governance and communication are both key to the success of projects involving change and has developed tools and methods for engaging end users in a process that is typically unfamiliar to them.

Kate works as part of our team to deliver workplace strategy services and design concepts. Prior to this she was Director of Interior Design UK for DEGW, a leading global workplace consultancy.

Kate contributed the ‘model fit out brief’ for the second edition of ‘Managing the Brief for Better Design’ co-written by Alastair Blyth and John Worthington.

Simon Lunt
Mike Packham

Mike is an associate partner to Betapoint, with over 30 years’ experience in the construction industry. During this period he has worked on a wide variety of projects ranging from landscaping, through new build and refurbishment to civil/heavy engineering works.

Having trained initially as a Quantity Surveyor, he subsequently obtained a Master’s degree in Property Development / Project Management and later became recognized as an expert facilities management consultant. He is therefore uniquely qualified to advise clients at every stage of the building life cycle and this is reflected by the wide variety of projects with which he has been involved.

Simon Lunt
Alison Goldstuck

Alison is a seasoned strategy consultant with two master’s degrees (cum laude) and 15 years’ blue-chip experience delivering complex projects.

Her areas of expertise include strategy, research, functional solutions, governance and project management. Key projects in the risk analysis and governance space include:

  • Creating a business case for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risk integration into decision making processes for the United Nations;
  • Commenting and analysing the impact of King Code IV on firm’s behaviour for IoDSA and the UNPRI; and
  • Identifying risks and mitigants affecting project finance deals for Citibank and the IDC.
Simon Lunt
Michele Langman

In an industry as heavily legislated as ours is, you need someone like Michele on your side. She is our legal brain with a BCom Law, LLB and LLM. A lover of rules, she sees the law as a useful tool that assists all parties involved in coming to the best possible conclusion that benefits everyone involved. She believes that, similar to humans, every piece of real estate is different - each one comes with its own personality, back story and characteristic. And she uses the law to find a structured and beneficial outcome for every “personality” type.

Amori Gerber
Rynhardt Schuld

Rynhardt has a passion for Capital Expenditure Projects, particularly design and builds, and brings this passion and expertise to his role in Construction Project Management. Rynhardt’s strength is in understanding the client's needs and interpreting and relaying those to the project and development team in order to deliver on the client's needs and requirements in full. Armed with a can-do attitude, he prides himself on identifying obstacles and assisting with a resolution to overcome these challenges.

Simon Lunt
Nicola Packham

Nicola has a Degree in Development and Environment with majors in Sociology, Geography and Public Development Management. She believes in the infinite potential across construction, design, technology, people and innovation and has a passion for effective and efficient management that optimises team and organizational behavior and interaction.

She has extensive experience in project and organisation management and planning, predominantly in the NGO and NPO sector. In 2017, she was an invited delegate to the University Scholar Leadership Symposium in Bangkok, and interned at the Democratic Alliance under the supervision of the Chief of Staff of the Chief Whip.

Amori Gerber
Ian Druce

Ian’s focus is in real estate consulting and advisory. Having completed a certificate in ‘green’ building through the GBCSA and having concluded an honours research report in well-located affordable housing, he is particularly interested in both sustainability as well as the dynamics of the social housing market. Ian is a critical thinker and combines this with his experience and knowledge to provide strategic advice and guidance with a property focus to the clients.

Simon Lunt
Bronwyn Hubbard

Bronwyn is a Business Assistant specialising in Project Administration and Business development. Aside from extensive knowledge and experience across a broad range of disciplines, she brings to the company a passion for the industry and a belief in the potential growth that comes from operating in a developing economy.

She is a goal-orientated individual with strong organisational and communication skills. Her hands-on approach means she works closely with other team members to make a real impact on clients’ portfolios.

Simon Lunt
Jano van Rensburg

As a Business Consultant and Analyst, Jano has a penchant for problem solving and Process Methodology Development. His expertise within the South African political arena, in particular the energy sector, has left him with a deep understanding of the current socio/political environment. This contributes to his ability to adapt to changing dynamics and provide alternative solutions and develop process methodologies in an innovative, cost-effective and results-driven manner.

Simon Lunt
Medeine Tribinevicius

Medeine has over six years of experience in public institutions and over seven years of experience as a researcher, project manager, and educator, working extensively with academic institutions, museums, archives and publishers.

Her experience spans both the international and local market as she has worked with the National Museum of Lithuania in Vilnius, the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto, and the South African History Archive in Johannesburg specialising in exhibition development and collections research.

Furthermore, Mediene continues to be an instructor at the University of Toronto, School for Continuing Studies where she facilitates two courses as part of the Freelance Writing Certificate.

Simon Lunt
Jacques Potgieter

Jacques is a Real Estate Consultant at Betapoint and has experience in both finance and operations. He achieved Honours in Bachelor of Science Property Studies at UCT and is an Accredited Professional through the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA). He has strong work ethic and a passion for the environment and brings both of these qualities to his job as he works to bring ideas to life and help clients achieve their desired outcomes.

Simon Lunt